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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Do I Get There?

This year, 2010 all I can think about is how I am getting out of the USA. I want to take my two little kids somewhere, anywhere where people first and foremost don't speak English.

Japan is my first choice but I can't actually imagine finding the guts to do this on my own. Israel might be an option if one of our local Synagogues does a family trip and I can get us in on it.

Somewhere in Europe might be possible but where and with whom?

It has been almost 2 years since I have taken my children somewhere and I have a voice in my head yelling at me, "TAKE YOUR KIDS ON VACATION!"

I am desperate to hear a foreign language spoken on a regular basis. Maybe I need to pay Uverse the $25 a month again for the Japan channel. I watched that maybe once a week but it might be a good first step.

This blog should want me to take a trip to a foreign country more than anybody because I will catalog each and every meal right here and, if I make it to Japan, I'll be careful to figure out the details of my favorite recipes so I can repeat them back home.

Don't I have any friends who want to go to Japan? Come on people, anyone?


julie said...

I want to go! Now if it was just possible for me to actually go. If you do go, have a round of sushi for me! I'll be sooooo jealous!

goodgame77 said...