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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Do I like to do when I Cook?

Like most Foodies, I don't follow recipes and have little use for cookbooks.
Just kidding, I'm sure most people who love to eat and cook follow recipes all the time. 
But I don't like to look at cookbooks and I make it a rule not to a follow a recipe unless I'm baking.  I like to bake but find it much more cumbersome than regular cooking where you almost never have to follow much of a recipe.

My point is: in order to make good food without recipes you have to make stuff with about 5 ingredients or less.  

For example, tonight I took a left over roast chicken and made chicken salad that my sister taught me how to make years ago.  It's really, really good.

I don't know what her recipe is but I can tell you how I made it.

dijon mustard
salt and pepper

It was really good when I put it in some warm ciabatta with this fantastic soft cheese I got at Dean and Deluca - no idea what it's called but really fantastic.  I hear it's what Pizza Bella puts on some of their pies.

On another note, did you know that at 1000 Clinton Parkway (or some main street in Lawrence) there is a gas station that has a ton of Indian food in it?

Here is a picture:

I don't know  how to explain to you what it's like in there.  But I haven't seen this anywhere before.  The shelves are filled with Indian food - stuff I've never heard of.

I stood in front of the freezer section for 5 minutes staring at all the vegetables I couldn't identify.  What were they?

So, um, Annie?  Could we go to Lawrence and stock up on stuff and then have a big party at my house and invite our book club and other friends?

And on another note...

I have a friend who lives in Delaware and I want to give a shout out to him because he is a writer and pop culture enthusiast - well, really, he is an all-things enthusiast.  He loves music and sharing it and he is just wicked smart.  He's a good guy to have on your trivia team.

He has been blogging for years and years and he has quite a lot of stories.

He recently got engaged to the woman of his dreams and I am delighted for him.  His story is exactly this for me:  The first sliver of light after a long, long darkness. 

P.S. A brief story about my kids:  My son said to me tonight, "why do we always eat chicken?"  He is apparently very sick of eating it because he had a roast chicken for dinner on Sunday I guess and then again last night and well....

Anyway, usually when my children complain in any way about having healthy fresh food to eat I get the urge to scream at them about Africa and starvation but I have been very serious about speaking calmly and nicely to my children so I said nothing.
And then you know what I did?  Tonight, when I tucked my little angels in I told them a neat little bed time story.  Have you read Poisonwood Bible?  That was the story. Ha!

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Ann Pai said...

My answer: YES. When it gets warm. Also, Poisonwood Bible HAHAHAHAHA!