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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bristol at P&L

The Bristol is one of those restaurants you visit to get reliably good food. They are a seafood restaurant but you really don't have to get seafood there to have a good meal.

I tried the "Low Tides" 4 course menu. I guess I was just that hungry when the salad course came out because I forgot to take a picture! It was a beet and goat cheese salad and it was really delicious.

Next they served me this mushroom and spinach crepe thing. It was so amazingly good.The main course was crispy short ribs and scallops or something like that. I didn't eat the scallops but everything else there was delightful! In the end, I'm all about sauce and these dishes were very saucy!
You won't be surprised to hear that dessert was wasted on me. This sounded so interesting:
"chocolate butterscotch tart with sweet and sour cherries, sea salt, sweet balsamic syrup"

I just thought it was yucky.

But no matter, the Bristol is fine dining in Kansas City and the P&L location has great atmosphere. We sat in a booth next to a fire feeling cozy while the place buzzed around us.

I like the feeling of P&L. I don't like drinking or bars (although I do love to dance) and I don't like loud music but I like walking around P&L, moving around what feels like a dream. Maybe it feels like playing the Sims or Second Life. It's a long drive and I would always rather stay home and watch a movie curled up under a blanket but whenever there is occasion to haul my butt there I have to say that place is just the coolest.

I remember one of the first times I ever went out in Westport and made a night of it - someone's bachelorette party I guess - and that felt like something familiar. A string of bars, howdy to some strangers having a bachelor party. Any time I went out in Westport it felt like that. It felt small. You could turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself. It seemed like you would run into someone you knew.

P&L feels like you've left Kansas City. I always find myself thinking, where did they get these people? It's exciting and grand there. I looked into how we got such an amazing addition to downtown Kansas City and I see that The Cordish companies along with 360 Architecture delivered this baby.

They both won awards for its creation. They actually set a new standard of excellence in urban renewal with P&L.

In looking up how this all came to be, I solved a little mystery regarding why I was always being carded there. I'm not carded anywhere as a general rule so it was VERY annoying to me that every time I went to P&L they carded me.

But now I know that they were not carding me! You know those scanners they have there? They are collecting demographic data with those scanners! Apparently, you can ask them not to scan your ID because, well they are collecting this data without informed consent.

I'm just telling you what it says on Wikipedia. I don't know if it's true.

Either way, having studied Sociology you won't catch me balking at someone wanting to collect demographic data.

I also find it interesting that there is a dress code there. So far, it has never affected me in any way but what astounds me about the idea of a dress code is that its only purpose, as stated by its creators, is to reduce gang violence.

I don't know the state of gang violence in Kansas City so I'm not going to say that I find this in particular to be an out-of-line endeavor.

Yet, it seems to me that there should be something more transparent than a dress code including: "a ban on bandannas, work boots, ripped or baggy clothing, shorts that fall below the knees, athletic jerseys, and chains."

Because guess what you can wear! You can wear just a bra instead of a shirt and a skirt that is so short you can see underwear and then you can just not wear underwear. In fact, the dress code for the servers in many of the establishments there is just that so I'm thinking when the employees are dressed as strippers any kind of dress code comes off as bizarre.

In any case, P&L is a neat place to go, even on a freezing cold winter night. You can sit by the fire under the stars and watch people doing their thing.

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