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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lenny's Sub Shop

I don't think a lot of people know about this place. I'm not big on sub sandwiches or any other kind of American food but I can appreciate Planet Sub about once a year and I enjoy our kosher subway from time to time.

I guess I first tried Lenny's one time when I was rushing to a movie and everywhere around that theater I would normally grab something from was closed for some reason so I thought I'd give it a try.

I remember thinking it was amazingly good but I also thought that maybe I was just hungry. It was a sandwich after all. How could a sandwich be amazingly good (to me)?

Today Matt and I went there for lunch and it was, as I remembered it, fantastic. He had a philly cheesesteak and I'd say if you really want one of those, this is your place. From time to time I go to the other Johnson county options and nothing stands out - but this place has the real deal.

I highly recommend this place if you want a fantastic sandwich. Get whatever sounds good to you and get everything on it. You will be surprised and delighted.

The funny part of my visit there today was when we were standing at the counter and I pointed to a block of meat and asked the woman what it was. She said it was ham.

I'm not sure how I did not know what ham looked like but now I do. Still not going to eat it.


Emma said...

Nothing special about this place. Just another sub shop. Dissappointed by their wares.

-A Sandwich Connoisseur

Dan said...

Where is it?

Foodie said...


All over the place.

Average Jane said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Maybe I can lure my husband away from Jason's Deli, which I've always been completely "meh" about.