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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I really want to write here what happened to me between Feb. 7th and Feb 17th but I can't do it yet. Someday I hope I will be able to because it's important.

Thank you Shari. Thank you Ann. Thank you Jodi. Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you Matt.

Valentine's Day....

My parents gave me a box of Christopher Elbow special Valentine's chocolates and I was thrilled beyond words.

I can't express enough how delicious these small works of art taste. The hearts in the middle? TWO passion fruit and TWO raspberry caramel.
The best part was yesterday when I showed my little girl. She asked if she could have one of the pretty hearts. She didn't know it was a passion fruit. It was a big moment for me. I handed it to her and said, "this is my favorite." She took a bite and said, "yuck" because it was such a foreign flavor and texture. She handed it back to me and I took a small bite. Then she said, "actually, that is really good" and she reached her hand out to me. I gave it back to her and she took another bite and then offered me the last bit.

That is just how I like to share these chocolates. I've said it before; when something is that good, you have to share it.

Dinner at North was pretty good as usual. I tried the beef carpaccio and it was out-of-this-world delicious.
This roasted artichoke was mighty tasty as well.
Tonight I made a pretty little pizza with a variety of cheeses but I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Now it's time to talk about head thinking and heart thinking. I don't know too many people who make it a point to practice heart thinking, or maybe even know what it is I'm talking about.

But I have recently learned about this and am making a concerted effort to practice it. Here are some qualities of heart thinking:
  • it is holistic, down-to-earth, dwells with the here and now
  • reality-focused
  • simple
  • balanced
When we think with our logical brains we can come up with any kind of nonsense we want to and we do, trust me.

When your movements and choices come from your heart instead of your logic you move with certainty. Everyone knows this but who does it?

I'm trying to listen to my heart thinking and to tell my head thinking to shut up.

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