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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thanks Mom!

I had loosely planned out my dinners for the week on Sunday thinking one night we would have yorkshire pudding, one night we would have some potatoes, one night gnocchi and pasta, maybe one night pizza, one night roasted carrots, etc. etc. ... all the things my kids like to eat that are healthy.

My Mom is so great. I wish I were more like her. I have always wished this for as long as I can remember and luckily, at times I see that I have become more like her. But she has coping skills that I only dream of. She is the original tough cookie. She really is the rock of our whole family.

So last night she said, what can I cook for you guys? I said, well, I have good bread, salad, potatoes, carrots, chicken strips but I thought about it and said, you want to make a roast chicken?

I don't know why I said this because she ended up making a roast chicken with stuffing, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots, salad... it was really good. I have lots of leftovers too.

I am adding a segment to my blog, a sub-text I'll say, called Why You Should Never Get Divorced. So whenever you see this, you can just skip it if you don't want to hear it. I could write about this topic for an hour so I'll limit myself to one topic each time.

Why You Should Never Get Divorced
Having to be away from your kids sometimes. That's the biggest "what was I thinking" that hits me week after week. Holidays are the worst. I don't care what I am doing or who I am with, being away from my kids on a holiday ruins it 100%. My kids are my life and I can't believe I was stupid enough to do anything that would make it so they are away from me sometimes.

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