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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A very cooking week

Monday was chicken noodle soup from scratch, Wednesday I made steak, yorkshire pudding and potatoes and tonight I made teriyaki salmon and rice. Tomorrow I am hosting Shabbos dinner and Sunday I'll be hosting book club for dinner.

But last night was something else. I had planned to make steak and yorkshire pudding for my babies and have a big salad. I had a last minute, very welcome guest. So I decided to make the yorkshire pudding as popovers instead of the usual way.

I didn't measure out the 1/4 cup of oil needed to make a yorkshire pudding and then carefully divide it into the 6 popover pan cups and carefully coat each cup. Instead I dumped oil into each of the cups. A lot of oil. In hindsight, I can't believe how ridiculous it was what I did.

So, to make a long story short last night I set my oven on fire. First, as the popovers rose and grew as they are known to do, the oil poured out all over my oven and there was smoke. There was so much smoke. But then, eventually the oven went up in flames. My guest was alarmed but I just calmly turned off my oven and the fire went right out. He said to my son, did you see that? There was just a fire in the oven!

Then Noah said, "oh, that happens all the time." Which is not true. I have never caught my oven on fire. And for the record I know that my son meant that there is always fire in an oven because that's how an oven works. He didn't even see what happened.

But my guest was not convinced of my explanation.

The food was ok.

Tonight's food was pretty good but Noah didn't want to eat much of his fish sticks (he doesn't eat salmon) and although I tried to remain calm I ended up giving him the lecture about the millions of children who are starving. They are so hungry. No one makes them fish sticks or anything else and they just go around hungry all the time.

I don't know why I give Noah these lectures because I'm sure he just thinks: what lucky kids. No naggy Mom trying to make them eat gross food every day.

Anyway, it all ended well tonight because I asked him why when he eats lunch at school it's so different. I have seen him many times. Instead of doing anything but sitting in front of his meal and ignoring the other people at the table, he sits still with his friends and chows down. He said, that's because I'm with my friends.

So then I said, "I'm your friend! I want to be your friend. How can I be your friend?" At which point I think Noah wanted to do anything to get away from me the poor guy. But I said, "hey, let's play chess while you eat!" That turned out to be a really good idea. He started talking to me and telling me about his day and eating a bite or two out of each of his fish sticks.

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Camilla Cohn said...

That's why I never make Yorkshire Puddings.....