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Monday, April 12, 2010

Will she ever talk about food again?

Yes, I hope so. Maybe, just maybe, there will be some very interesting blog posts coming.

So here are just a few more words of religious/philosophical thought and I will get back to the food.

Religion fascinates me. I did a project in college for my Sociology of Religion class in which I discovered through interviewing people from a variety of backgrounds that there is no correlation between a person's faith and whether they questioned their religion unless you are Catholic.

In every instance, the only people who were religious Catholics had never questioned their faith. All Catholics who had questioned their religion were no longer that religion.

This study was not robust for a variety of reasons. I'm just sharing an example of my interest and something from it that always stuck with me.

I am one who questions things. I teach my children to think for themselves and they understand that they may believe whatever they want. This is the truth.

I have found that the most devout and traditionally religious people necessarily believe that their religion is the ONE TRUE religion. But the only truth is that each person will believe whatever he wants. That is the truth.

I have struggled now for a little over a year with understanding what I believe, what religion I am, and what I want to teach my children.

I am a Jew and somehow that feels to me like saying I am a woman. It is not something I could really ever change. Also, I love Judaism. It fits me just fine. But last year I joined a Modern Orthodox Shul and I had to decide why and what I was doing. I will probably also join the most Reform synagogue in town at some point.

I am getting close to having some peace of mind in this area of my life. I love, respect and cherish my friends who keep our faith with unfailing dedication. I want my children to see this world and feel comfortable in it and I would be delighted if they chose that path.

I also do not believe I could be a keeper of our faith. I have asked myself many times if I could ever believe that G-d created this world the way the Torah Jews say and I know that I can not believe that.

I do believe that G-d created this world and everything in it and therefore there certainly is not one truth but many truths.

I hope I can teach my children to follow rules, be good people, love goodness, love kindness, respect all religions, love and trust G-d and to have faith. I hope I can teach them that and also that they have their own minds and their own paths that only they can determine for themselves.

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