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Friday, May 14, 2010

Macaroni Grill

The weirdest thing about Macaroni Grill is that I can't say the name of the restaurant. Somehow when I try to say it I always add an "n" between the words. This is called epenthesis in linguistic terms. It is a phonological phenomenon and probably follows a very specific rule that given the "ni" at the end of a word if the next word starts with a "gr" a native English speaker will often insert an "n" between the words.

The reason this is fascinating to me is because G-d made me like this. The result is that I have a Master's in Linguistics ... but I only use it in my head every day when I listen to people talk.

I need to make friends with some Linguists.

Anyway. I hate Macaroni N' Grill. I think the food there is BAD and yet I go there a lot because it's where my family likes to go for big family gatherings. It doesn't bother me because:

a.) they have nice big tables b.) you can draw on the paper tablecloths c.) people sing opera in Italian throughout your meal d.) the waitstaff is really friendly and e.) see below.

Can you tell how enormous this piece of cake is? They brought this out for my Dad's 65th birthday and 6 people shared it. It was really good. I would never ever eat at Macaroni N' Grill if it were not for my family but I do like the opportunity to ponder linguistic phenomena. It's not often I am face to face with such a beautiful example of phonologically driven epenthesis.


Julie M. said...

I used to love Macaroni Grill.... until I discovered how good food really could be. Nick's birthday is tonight and I told him he could have whatever he wants. He chose On the Border. So there ya go, I'm right there with ya.

m.v. said...

I was lucky to never eat there when someone sings.I hate singing waiters and even horrible Happy Birthday renditions make me feel bad for the low-paid personnel forced to do this. At least they don't make them tap dance.
As far as Macaroni Grill, they are OK,pretty safe but nothing special.I used to like them but since moved on to the spicier ethnic foods.