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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping food

The number one cause of me not posting pictures is that I start eating before I remember to snap them. This time was no different. Luckily, people who eat with me often say, "aren't you going to take a picture for your blog?"

I love when people do that.

I took my kids camping last weekend with another family and it was total chaos but it was a great time. I personally prefer camping in a tent but I guess it's nice to have an oven when it's pouring out.

The first night though the weather was perfect and we grilled chicken breasts and corn on an open fire.

I took the breasts and seasoned them with salt and onion powder and threw them on the flames. The corn was left in the husk and cooked over the flames until it was black - which made the finished corn delicious.

I also sliced potatoes really thin and coated them with oil and a bit of salt and wrapped them in a few sheets of tinfoil and put them in the fire. I had to take them out to make sure they didn't burn and to stir them a bit but they turned out delicious like everything else.

The next day I made pizza - in the oven in the RV. However, you can do this exact recipe on a grill over an open fire.

What you do is take a cup of flour and 1/2 cup of warm water or more - use those proportions. If you have a little yeast that works - or you can buy a 50 cent pizza dough packet and bring that. You just form it into a ball and let it rise a little. Then you smooth it out onto a sheet of tinfoil. Spread some olive oil, salt and garlic on top and throw that sucker on the grill for a few minutes.

When the dough starts to cook you take it back off the fire and add toppings then cook it over the fire until it is done. It's really easy, and as funny as it sounds to make pizza when camping - if you bring tinfoil, a bowl and the ingredients I mentioned - you have a very fast, easy, healthy and freakin' delicious meal. I made two pizzas and the 4 kids ate them up - I think we adults managed to get two pieces.

Another thing we ate was rice. I plugged my rice cooker into the RV and we had rice for dinner, for breakfast and for snack the whole time we were there. But sticky rice is very easy to make over a fire too.

You need a pot with a lid. You put the rice in - one cup rice to one cup water. Set it over the fire on the grill and when it boils you close the lid and set it aside so it is not on the fire but not cooling down super fast. In 20 minutes you have finished rice.

It was yummy to eat raw eggs and hot rice for breakfast. I usually stir up the egg with a dash of soy sauce and then put the hot rice on top and stir it up but I forgot soy sauce so I just put in some salt and some cheddar cheese. It's kind of a mushy, hot savory breakfast.

I wish we had caught some fish - I brought bread crumbs to prepare it and it's my favorite meat but we didn't even go fishing this time.

Eating while camping can be really fun and yummy if you just plan ahead a little bit. Next time I won't be so ridiculous about not bringing hot dogs ....

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Queen of Quirky said...

yum...I love non-traditional campfood. And the pictures looked good. Found your blog on Fat City. Next time, you could do this too:
Wheel of brie - place in heavy tinfoil, poke holes with a fork and pour 2-3 tablespoons of port wine over. Wrap tightly then place in fire for 15 minutes. The cheese is delicious. Bring a big loaf of sourdough bread and dig in!