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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trezo Vino

Ah Trezo Vino, how do I love thee and thine amazing small plates.  And you just don't cost that much from 4 until 6 at night.  Why do I only visit you once a year?  I don't have a good answer.

I've been wanting to go very badly so I headed there very briefly for the following delicacies.

This first one is funny.  It's called a cheese agnolotti - goat cheese and spinach ricotta with a tomato pesto.  It's a giant ravioli... 
Look at this - below you see fish tacos and fried blue cheese gnocchi.  Can you imagine?  Amazing.

They don't look like anything much but those gnocchi are unbelievable.  In fact, they really look like what I imagine "Rocky Mountain Oysters" would look like but they are just so freaking good. 

I'd like to try a few of their other happy hour items.  Maybe I'll have to go back there this week.

Last week someone said to me that they had been reading my blog and they wondered if I am ok. They said that in person I seem really great so why do I have to seem like such a depressed loser on my blog.

Come on, if you aren't laughing right now then you don't have a sense of humor.

But it's true, when I'm upset I write.  Believe me, I write a lot more stuff off my blog than I do on it. If you saw the stuff I keep private you would really freak out.

I am always fine.  I am a very happy person so even when something really upsets me, even when I'm crying all day, I'm also laughing and smiling somehow.

I will try, in any case, to keep my problems off my blog.  I started a new blog for that that I will never ever tell you the address to. ;)

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