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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Village

It's not just one of my favorite M. Night movies. It's a brand new restaurant on the NW corner of 91st and Metcalf.

This is a first for me and shows the power of social networking if anything ever did. The Village, a Middle Eastern restaurant (the owner is from Lebanon) opened its doors yesterday and I managed to have dinner there.

They did not advertise and they were clearly not prepared but one of my 550+ friends on facebook happened to have lunch there yesterday and said it was delicious so I stored that information in the back of my mind for a future visit.

Matt and I were trying to go to the plaza but driving through the roads rivers eventually deterred us and instead we braved the torrential downpour over to Metcalf and popped in here for dinner. They had no menus yet. They barely had any menu items for that matter. But what they had was very good.

We had to remind them we needed forks and napkins. They brought us the kind of napkins I often have on my table at home. And plastic forks! I guess they didn't realize that people would be wanting to eat this kind of food with utensils. I can really see their point actually. That's what the basket of pita is for!

So, they are open but not quite ready. I'll go back in a few weeks to see how things are going. I can highly recommend the veggie plate and Matt's beef kabob was cooked to order - medium rare and was really good steak.

The owner is very friendly and he is the chef. I was happy with my meal and ecstatic to be one of the first customers.

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