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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blue Koi

Blue Koi is a funny restaurant because it is Asian - they even say they are Chinese - but they really have their own spin on food.  They are known for their dumplings and homemade noodles but you can pretty much order anything on the menu and be quite happy.  They have really good duck and chinese style pot roast.  

I usually get the Braised Tofu with Shitake Mushrooms but this time I ordered the China Moon and the summer special.

The China Moon is a very yummy appetizer but don't get it with the plum sauce - which is too sweet.  Ask for it with the dumpling sauce.

This is the summer special.  It is very light and perfectly seasoned.  It reminds me of cold somen, a Japanese dish I like to make in the summer.  But this has rice noodles and a sesame flavor to it.
A good dish to grab for lunch while they offer it.


Average Jane said...

Blue Koi is one of my favorite local restaurants. Now I'm craving the pot roast!

The DLC said...

the pot roast is wicked good.