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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cafe Tempo

I would never think to go to the Johnson County Community College campus, try to find parking near Regnier Hall and then head into the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art for lunch.

However, I can highly recommend that anyone do this.  The menu there is innovative, small and really, really good.  Featured below is a grilled cheese with pesto on sourdough and some french onion soup.

Last night was attempt number 2 with the mozzarella cheese.  It was fail number 2 as well.  My book says if your curds don't clot properly it is the milk so you should try a different brand.
I hoped it was going better this time but knew it wasn't.  Look at my curds - they aren't solid at all.

I'm not 100% sure it's the Shatto whole milk I used - it's hard for me to believe that their milk is not good for making cheese.  I want to think it's my rennet - that the guy at the store sold me old and out of date stuff.  

I have to try another brand of milk to determine if my rennet is bad.

But from what I've read it is likely the milk.  If local Shatto milk doesn't work, what on earth will? 

Maybe I should leave out the lipase.  

I don't know.  I'm not giving up.  Mozzarella is a staple food in my house and if I can make it myself as easily as this then I will do it.  

However, I hope not to pour too many more gallons of milk down the drain.


m.v. said...

I've heard Jasper M. is making it at his restaurant tableside and he might still have a call-in show on the radio, you may be able to get a tip from someone who's done it from locally available milk. good luck

Anonymous said...

Matt Shatto here, I hope it is not the milk as we make cheese at our farm daily and all is coming out very good. If you find it is please let us know.

Thanks for using our stuff and for the kind words. You are welcome at the farm anytime!



jill said...

we've tried a few times with no luck. i do think the culinary center has had a class on how to make fresh mozz.