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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gadget Girl

In July 2007 I wrote this document:

1. Phone
Bluetooth - that handles voice recognition
Visual voicemail – including an actual transcription of what was said
Integrated contacts (with voice recognition option)
Design for 4G Users will be able to do multiple tasks on phone at the same time.
Battery life - 12 hours in use and replaceable
*Video calls (new here – but look to Japan for how to do this)
Ringtones and calltones customizable.  Also, be able to make your own.
*Outbound calltone - choose what you hear when you are calling someone.

2. Texting
Touch screen - if you decide on a touch keypad it should be better than what the iphone has.

3. Camera
3 - 5 M pixel camera
Video camera

4. Internet
Firefox or other browser
Java capable
Flash capable

5. Media apps  
Large touch screen - 262,000 colors, 240 x 320 pixels
30 gigs built in
Removable storage
Digital TV signal – can watch live TV
V-chip or other parental controls (over entire phone)
Over the air downloads of movies
Over the air downloads of music
FM transmitter
Bluetooth that lets you listen to music etc on earpiece
6. Business apps  
Wireless modem via bluetooth or other
Active sync , Outlook etc.
Word, Excel etc.

7. Other necessary and fully integrated features

GPS & maps integrated with contacts and web browsing

Ewallet – EncryptME java security app for eWallet and other apps

Fully customizable sounds can customize for all different apps – actual sound and volume
Other personalization – wallpaper
Voice recorder
World Clock

Change ESN on the fly – on the web
*Barcode scanning camera (new for us – look to Japan for the value of this)

Sorry if this is totally boring to you but the point is that I wrote the future of cell phones in July of 2007.

I saw the iPad 10 years ago as well.

So what do I see now?  I see something that will blow your mind - literally.  When I talk to people about this they shrug me off the same way that they did when I talked about the internet tablet that we would all enjoy having in our kitchens and the same way that people did when I wrote out the above spec sheet.

Do you want to be the next Google or Apple?  I can tell you what's coming and if you have the money you can be the one who does it.  

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