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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lotsa Mozza

Monday I bought a gallon of Roberts milk from Wal-mart and yesterday I turned it into a full pound of mozzarella.
I used the lipase this time and I'm thinking I should go ahead and try again with Shatto because I think I just had some technique wrong.  I want to find out for sure because Shatto is such yummy milk.

I'm going to tell you now what I'm doing to make this yummy cheese but when I get it exactly how I want it I will make a video for you.

You need:

1 gallon milk
citric acid

You don't need lipase but you can use it.  Same with salt - non-iodized salt is optional.

You need a big stainless steel pot and a strainer - preferably one with bigger holes that is plastic - I need to get one of these.

The recipe is easy.   Take 1 1/2 tsp of citric acid and dissolve it in a little bit of water - at most 1/4 cup.

Dissolve 1/4 tablet rennet in FILTERED water - can't have chlorine it it - again 1/4 cup.

Heat your milk to 55 degrees or so and mix in the citric acid very well.

Now heat your milk to 90 degrees.    Take it off the heat, mix in the rennet gently and let it sit for five minutes.

Cut your curd and heat it up to 105 degrees.  Strain the curd really well.  Use your hands.  

This is the hard part.  Working with the curds until you have the final product.

You want to gently knead the curds and heat them (in the microwave) until they stick together and stretch and then you stretch your cheese and then you ball it up and you are done.

You can add cheese salt during the last kneading before you stretch - just buy non-iodized salt and use a tsp.

But I don't think you really need salt.

So, although it sounds like a lot of steps - it is actually very fast and easy to turn a gallon of milk into a pound of mozzarella.  The problem I have now is that my cheese is too hard.  It's not super soft like I want it to be.  I may be working the curds too much.  I am always using 1/2 rennet tablet so maybe I only need 1/4.  I'm not sure but I'm not making any more until I have a mentor show me how it's done.  

The cheese is so good - both of my kids love it and I will probably make a pizza with it tonight!

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