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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The other night I saw red cabbage in my pantry and I decided to whip up some spaetzle.

I have a spaetzle maker (which looks like this) so it took me 5 minutes.

When you think about it, spaetzle is the perfect food to make if you want to feed your family and you don't know what to make.

I didn't even measure a thing.  I took an egg, some milk, some flour and a dash of salt and mixed it up - I added a little more milk until it was a thick goopy batter and then I poured it into my spaetzle maker over boiling water and it was cooked in 60 seconds.
I added the cabbage and then some turkey bacon and that was dinner.  

The only sad thing was when I checked the ingredients on the jar of cabbage and corn syrup was listed as the second or third ingredient.  So I'll never buy that again.  

But if you have sausage and sauerkraut you can cook up a darn good German meal in 5 minutes.

On another note, my daughter and I are berry fanatics.  We had the raspberries and blueberries out that night and she started stuffing the blueberries into the raspberries.  I tried them that way and they are delicious so I took a picture (although the whipped cream just ruins the flavor).  

She is so creative and open to trying new things.  I can't believe how amazing my children are every day.

I am berry in love with both of them.

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