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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cruisin' Together

When people explain the "food situation" on cruises, I don't think it is within comprehension until you experience it.

A cruise ship is the size of a small town.  So imagine you go to a town where 3,000 people live. 

Now imagine that every restaurant, snack bar, coffee shop, movie theater, etc. etc. just lets you waltz right on in and have whatever you want.  Moreover, you can take that dish full of nachos and walk over to the fancy little place next door and grab a pretty little plate of cakes - on your way to the city pool.

No one asks you to pay, or asks you where your shoes are for that matter.
The display case above was on deck five, my favorite spot on the Celebrity Infinity.  I liked deck five because it had a little coffee and tea spot on one side, the side with the chess room, and this display case on the other side.  This case always had food in it.  Breakfast (which I somehow never saw), lunch, afternoon snack and tapas for dinner.

I routinely swung by this spot on the ship after lunch and before dinner. 

The second day on the cruise I started to feel a bit sad about not being extremely into eating tons and tons of food and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.  That is what a cruise's main business is all about.

Eat endlessly and drink even more! 

Did I mention, that in the little town I was describing above, that in addition to being able to walk around town like the King, going anywhere you please, getting anything you please - when you go home to your own house you can also order delivery for free any time of day?

That is the cruise.  Free room service?  Sure!  24 hours a day.

Every single meal was eaten at least twice in two different places.  Now, you may wonder how much weight I gained on this cruise, but remember,  just because I ate frequently does not mean I ate a lot of food. 

And, this ship had a great gym!  And I was running around Alaska for pete's sake! 

Really, somehow I practiced restraint.  I think I may have only had one alcoholic drink the entire week and that was a Cafe Aspen at 2 in the afternoon (on deck five!).

Cruising is decadent.  It is the way to experience luxury like you cannot imagine.  You wake up in the morning to the room service you ordered.  Eat a few bites of it and leave to have your second breakfast at the buffet.

You come back and your room is cleaned up, your beds are made!

Then you go do something, whatever you want.  Spend your day as you please.  And when you come back from dinner your beds are ready for sleeping, with chocolates on them and the next day's list of activities.  Too many to even think about.

I went to the movies this weekend and I thought, I'd like a bag of popcorn and an iced chai and maybe some candy and some .... oh, darn it I have to pay for all of this stuff!  I want to go back to cruise land!!

I heard there is a cruise ship that makes the small city I floated to Alaska on look like the sticks.  I heard it cruises 5 or 6000 people.  How many different restaurants and cafes and movie theaters and ice skating rinks do you think they have in that town? 

I am now thinking that maybe cruising is addictive.  At the time I thought, "I'm trapped on the Titanic with icebergs EVERYWHERE with 2,500 people in the middle of the ocean and this decadence is outrageous.  Who do I think I am?"

But just a couple of days back in the real world and I thought, "Wow I'd really like a little sweet and some tea from deck five right about now."

So friends, if anyone would like to hit a Disney cruise or something like that with me and my children, we can talk. 

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