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Friday, August 13, 2010

Joy Wok and Cafe Roux

Yesterday was special because I tried two relatively new restaurants in one day.

I didn't take any pictures because both times I was savoring the company and not thinking about blogging.

Joy Wok is a Chinese buffet right by Elephant Bar at 119th and Metcalf.  Lunch is $7.95 a person but when I saw what was offered I feared it was going to be $17.95 a person.

I have never seen such a wide variety of food on a buffet.  And I just got back from a cruise!

I really don't know how they can afford this level of food quality and variety for that price.  Normally when you say Chinese buffet I just don't want to even try it but I couldn't get my friend to eat Korean food so I gave Joy Wok a shot and I'm really glad I did.  I wasn't even hungry so I tried about 1/32 of what was offered but what I did try was so darn good.

There is sushi there, lots of fresh fruit, nice salad, even a small mongolian bbq station.  Just trust me, this isn't normal Chinese buffet.  Go there immediately.

For dinner I had the chance to try out Cafe Roux which has opened recently next to one of my favorites - Trezo Vino.  Cafe Roux is gourmet-styles New Orleans fare.  It's in that snooty part of Town Center - what is it called - Park Place?

The food was solid, but really expensive.  The $5 (special of the day) guava margarita was really, amazingly delicious and the bread pudding for dessert tasted like my sister's chocolate chip banana bread (which does not need bourbon cream sauce poured on it!).  Yeah, once again I am not one who can speak to dessert.  I would much rather have my sister's banana bread.

If you want some good fish and dirty rice, or cheese grits go on over there - it's a fancy little New Orleans joint but don't expect to be able to have a conversation without screaming at each other across the table.  Very bad acoustics.

More from the cruise up next....

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