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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oklahoma Joe's

Last night we had a little party at my house with kids running everywhere and Oklahoma Joe's for dinner.

I love bbq but I am always surprised about how good it is when I eat Ok Joe's.  I guess it just doesn't look very good and on top of that, it gives me such a tummy ache each and every time I have it.

Whenever I think of having good bbq I think of Oklahoma Joe's (unless I'm actually in Oklahoma and then I just go to the nearest bbq joint because that state knows how to make good bbq!).  However, thinking about it and actually going to get it are two different stories and usually the story goes like this:

Me thinking: Oklahoma Joe's would be so good.  Maybe I'll go there for lunch this week.
A few seconds later me thinking: But my stomach will hurt afterwards.  Never mind.

So once again, last night I looked at the brisket without getting too excited until I put it in my mouth and thought, "How do they make this stuff so good?  How can something that looks so uninteresting taste so amazing?"

Even my daughter, who ate brisket and tons of bbq chicken at dinner, ended up taking the leftover brisket that I was about to put in the fridge and eating it for dessert!!

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