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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Crisp

I had so many leftover apples from apple picking before Rosh Hashanah that I wanted to make an apple pie.  But I don't know how to make pie.

I looked in my Joy of Cooking and found a simple Apple Crisp recipe so that's what I made.
I don't like sweets and I didn't like this but I liked how it made my house smell.  I put it in the oven right before my babies went to bed so they got to fall asleep to a house that smelled of cinnamon, sugar and butter melting and caramelizing on top of gooey apples.

If you aren't familiar with apple crisp I guess it doesn't look so great and when I offered some to my daughter this morning, she wasn't interested, but to my surprise my son was happy to try it.  

I am developing a theory about his eating habits.  The mushier and more disgusting looking the substance, the more likely he is to eat it.

I know he isn't the only kid like this and that heartens me but I still find it funny.

For him, food should not have a smell and it should have the texture of pudding or tofu, or baked apples in this case.  

Also any food covered in sugar is probably edible - even though he never wants dessert.  Or any food that has been processed and covered in salt also works. 

The main thing about him is that he has, at 8 years old, made me as proud a mom as I could have ever imagined becoming.  I know this sounds strange and obviously I can picture him doing things in the future to make me proud, but last night and this morning my head was exploding with utter delight because of Noah.

Yesterday after school he said he wanted to write a book.  This alone had me jumping up and down but I knew that saying you want to write a book and doing anything about it are two different things.  Then he had me open Word on the computer for him and I realized he wasn't just saying it.  He was going to do something.

And he did.  He worked on it for a half hour before dinner and an hour after.

Then he got up this morning and worked on it for another hour.

I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people, and believe me this novel of his is the stuff of a normal 8 year old boy, but still.

Happy Mom.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy
Your apple crisp looks delicisous....and I if you like peaches, I am going to paste a link for a peach cobbler that has chocolate and cranberries and almonds....I made it two weeks ago and It is to die for.
I changed the recipe and replaced the raisons for cranberries and instead of sliced almonds I bought the diamond brand chocolate covered almonds and chopped them....delicious!

penni said...

Sorry, I didn't realize my name did not show up, but it's Penni who suggested the peach crisp
love penni