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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Cooking

What I make at home when I cook is what I know the kids will eat.  I vaguely remember that it was different when I was married.

I think we would try different recipes and make foods that we liked even foods that kids would never eat.  I realize that I need a "cooking for two" cookbook because even though it will end up being just for me - then I'll have lunch the next day.  When I try to scale down those yummy (but not for kids) recipes I know I still end up throwing away half the food after I eat my portion and then eat another for lunch the next day.  Not sure how my Mom does it - I think I need to get her to write a cook book!

Last night I roasted baby carrots until they were soft and a bit burned, i.e. caramelized - they taste great this way.  Noah says it's the only way he even likes to eat carrots.  I also make these potatoes - which are pretty much truffle fries.

I slice up a potato into thin pieces and roast them until they are at least a little crispy and then I put truffle salt on them.  Everyone loves these.
This is my tofu dish which is kind of like a quick and simple sukiyaki.  I like to add shiritaki noodles when I think of it but last night I learned that if you accidentally freeze the tofu shiritaki noodles they just become trash.

This whole meal was just a lot of vegetables and my kids happily ate it.  Now to figure out how to get them to eat green ones.  

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