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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ah North, what a great meal you can get at this place.  I really enjoyed lunch there with a friend who is going to Italy soon.  I'm crossing my fingers that she will bring me back pictures.

She ordered the strawberry goat cheese salad.  It had all kinds of good stuff in it.

I was in the mood for something I could sink my teeth into so I had the short rib sandwich.
One of NoRTH's delicacies is their zuca chips.  They are light and feathery flash fried thin zucchini crisps. 

I prefer to dine there in the evening because it is the kind of place where you want to linger and relax after your meal instead of go back to work.

Perhaps the most notable moments of lunch were the multiple times our waitress called each of us sweetheart.

Christa and I are sweethearts indeed but since we don't look under 18, it was a little bit bizarre.

The first time our darling young waitress said it I thought for certain I misheard her but then she did it again, many more times.  

Can I get you something to drink sweetheart?  How is your meal sweetheart?  Is that all for you sweetheart?

I wonder what would happen if we walked around all day addressing people as sweetheart.  

Walking into my bosses office:  "Here is that report you wanted sweetheart."

Driving through McDonald's after I've paid:  "Thank you sweetheart."

Seeing my neighbor playing outside with her kids at the end of my workday when she asks how I'm doing:  "I'm doing just fine, and how was your day sweetheart?"

I may have to try this, but I know I just can't.  I often think of things I'd love to do with a straight face in earnest that I would find hilarious, but I generally don't have that kind of chutzpah.  

All summer at the J, every time I would go up to the counter to buy food at the snack shop and I would see on the sign large kosher pickle how could I not want to ask the boys beyond the counter if they had any large kosher pickles?  Note: they often ran out of various items on the menu so it would not be strange to ask this question - only completely hilarious to me.

I'll have one large kosher pickle sweetheart...  

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