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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jewish Arts Festival

There is a woman who is one of my favorite artists ever named Bev Lowenstein.  You can see three of her paintings below.  She will not sell her art.

I met her once and tried to explain to her how much I adored her paintings and asked her why she didn't sell them.  I think she gives them away.  I wish I could find a way to make friends with her but I don't know how.  
My son took one look at the blueish one just above and said, "oh cool, it's G-d blowing the wind."  This is my son who doesn't exactly believe in G-d at the moment.  This is how amazing her art is.

If anyone knows her and knows any way I can get one of her paintings I will be so grateful.   

For me, the Jewish Arts Festival was really just all about eating.  I think I was especially excited to have a Kosher BRGR - which was good!  

However, the coolest thing ever was the Bubbe Iron Chef competition.  The main ingredient was potatoes because they had to make latkes!  They had to make a sweet and a savory.

Just watching them grab different kinds of potatoes and then go for a wide variety of ingredients was incredibly inspiring.

I make latkes once a year and use a recipe so when I saw this I thought - wow, I could do it too!!

I went home, got out my food processor, peeled a potato, threw it in the cuisinart with an egg, some flour and some onion - eyeballing everything.  

Then I fried up my mixture and ate it with sharp cheddar cheese on top and salsa on the side.
I don't think I'll ever make latkes or view them or eat them the same way ever again.  From now on it's just make it on the fly.  The winning Bubbe added some fresh ingredients like oregano and thyme or some such.

It's just too exciting to think of latkes as something you can whip up any time.  In fact, we asked the Westport Flea Market owner (who was a judge) if they would add a latke burger and he said they would do it around Chanukah.

So much fun!

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