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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fish Tacos - Fail

1. Jodi - San Diego for fish tacos?  Yes please.

2. Let's talk about what happened last night because I need a little therapy right now.

So I made this beer batter.  Beer battered food is good, right?  I don't like beer, I don't drink beer (unless it's Superior and I'm in Mexico) but I figured this would be good.  I added salt and pepper and onion powder and mixed it up.

I took tilapia and dipped it in the batter and fried it.  

Then I discovered that I don't know how to make fried fish.  I know how to make fried chicken so I guess I figured this would be the same.  Anyone know how to make fried fish?  Want to explain it to me? 

So then I got the fixin's out.  This yummy slaw I made with mayo and cider vinegar so it would be the perfect topping for my fish taco.  Got out the fabulous Victoria kosher salsa.  Some gauc.  Some sharp cheddar and feta cheese.
I toasted the tortillas so they would be warm and a little crisp and built myself the model fish taco as my kids sat at the table next to me nibbling their tortillas and calling my fried fish names I won't repeat here.
So, I ate my fish taco.  I would say it was all right.  Each of the kids cried and whined and even wished that they lived in an alternate universe.  Eventually they tried the fish and said it had no flavor. Then I promised to never try to make this again.

I have to say this is sort of a typical cooking experience for me.  I get really excited about making something new and think I can do it without really knowing how and it turns out really bad.

My ex-husband probably earned sainthood just by eating everything I ever cooked.  He only threw up from my cooking a couple of times.  Noah, on the other hand would be throwing up every night if he had that same will to choke down whatever I put on the table.

It's not that I'm a bad cook.  It's just that sometimes I am.  


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