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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am so far behind on my blog posts it is ridiculous.  I haven't even written all about Mexico yet or my crazy meal at the restaurant in Olathe North High School or anything else!!!

So I'll just write real quick about potato week at my house.  Tonight I made latkes per the instistence of my children.  Cause you know, I just whip up latkes all the time...

And yesterday was so awesome because I made potato bourakas for the first time ever and my kids ate them.  This was HUGE in my house.  I made something new and we all ate it.  I got the recipe from Kosher by Design for kids. 

I just feel that we have turned a corner in my house.  I am making one meal for dinner every night and somehow everyone is eating it.  Thank G-d Almighty!

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