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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Isla Mujeres

Going to tropical paradise for a few days towards the end of October is a treat that one can't actually find words to describe.

As for my mouth and stomach, they were happy, happy, happy.  Before I left for Mexico I was very worried that I would forget about the water situation or eat something bad.  But the food was just so amazing.

Lots of fish, which I love.
I really wish I could remember what the dish below was called.  I only ordered it because it was something I had never heard of before but it doesn't seem that interesting compared to everything else.  Everything was so good.
I'm going to try to make beer battered fish burritos with slaw for dinner tonight.  I told the kids about this and they didn't like the sound of it.  

I am hoping they like the taste of it!

P.S. Anyone know what that dish above might be called?  I thought it was something like salazitos but that's totally wrong.

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Jodi said...

Now I'm hungry. Let's go to San Diego for fish tacos.