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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food is Love

Food is love, people.  I have so many stories about cooking that revolve around showing people you love them and just how much you do by making their favorite foods.

My sister is very good at this. You can read about it here: Dinnertime.  Tonight I had the serious treat of my Mom's Italian food.  I love my Mom's sauce and how much it makes my whole family happy.  My Mom takes care of all of us - she is excellent at this.  It is impossible to worry when my Mom is there. 

Tonight I was snuggling my son and telling him, like I do every night, how much I love him.  He was angry with me tonight, as he often is and he asked me if I loved him even if he is mad at me.  I told him he could be mad at me as much as he wanted, and in fact whatever he did, I would always love him completely.  He asked me if I would help him if he got sad.  I said I would try.  I don't know why he asked me this but I hope I can. 

Have I mentioned lately that you should not get divorced?

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