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Friday, January 21, 2011

Korma Sutra

My daughter's favorite restaurant is Korma Sutra, an Indian restaurant in Overland Park where Mr. Singh, the owner greets you merrily and talks to you, teases you and gives you excellent service the entire meal.
I know it is mainly the food that she loves.  The extra mild chicken tikka masala with rice and naan.  The mango juice.  The mango ice cream.  But she must enjoy the attention even though she never understands what Mr. Singh is saying.

He has taught my kids to place their hands together, bow and say, "namaste" when they come in the door and when they leave, which really is one of the nicest things you can ever say to anyone.

He gives them balloons even though we all know what happens to balloons that enter my house.  

No matter how much my kids might complain about something I want to cook that they are unfamiliar with - they will happily eat veggie pakoras dipped in mango chutney and taste the gulab jamun and sweet rice dessert.  I think they will eat anything if they believe it is Indian food.

I feel a special connection with India that I don't understand.  I wonder what it means.  

For now it means we frequent Korma Sutra and are so thankful for the wonderful Mr. Singh.

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Will England said...

I love Korma Sutra! The owner started at Taj Majal over on Wornall. Thanks for reminding me of a great place to eat.