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Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is one of the comfort foods that I cook.  I learned to make it when I was 22 living in Japan and it always makes me feel cozy.  
When I said I was making sukiyaki, my daughter squealed with delight and my son groaned, "I'm not eating that."

I soldiered on. 

Although he said he wasn't eating anything in the skillet I gave him some of the beef and he ate it, because he really likes it and then he asked me for some mushrooms.  

I initially thought he said he wouldn't try the mushrooms and I answered, "you know, you might like them actually because you love truffle salt and it is made of mushrooms."  

He replied, "I know, I said I want to try the mushrooms."

He actually asked me to give him mushrooms.  And he knows they are fungus.  

Amazingly, Noah really likes mushrooms, just like he likes onions and garlic cloves but he doesn't always want to admit these things.  In fact, the kid has a lot of grown-up tastes but he prefers to pretend that all food is disgusting.

He ate quite a good dinner last night, as did she and as did I.

Yay Japan!

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