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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cara Cara Navel - Pink is the New Orange

To know me is to ..... know I love fruit.  There is no food that I want and cherish more than fruit.  I believe with all my heart that fruit is G-d's candy.  

And I am fully ready to eat juicy nectarine after juicy nectarine as they come into season.  Peaches, plums, berries, oh my!

This here is the new Cara Cara Navel orange.  It is sweet and delicious and it is very pretty and pink inside.
Spring fever is upon me, whether or not the rain and clouds and 40 degree weather hang about.

And strangest of all, yesterday I got braces.  A Foodie is not wont to do such things and it pains me not only in my mouth but in my heart how food seems to go in differently now.

I'm hoping this experiment will not last long.

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