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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fancy Pants Pizza

My kids love potatoes and we eat pizza a lot but I somehow would not have considered combining the two.  Much thanks to Brad for giving me this idea and this recipe!!
This pizza is just as easy as any of the others I have made but it is perhaps a little bit healthier and a lot more gourmet.

You take yukon gold potatoes for their nice flavor and slice them paper thin.  I have a special little Japanese  slicer that I used.  You can get them at an Asian food store for a couple of dollars.

I make my own crust - made it as usual but I didn't pre-bake it this time.

I put on lots of olive oil and then a layer of potatoes and some kosher salt and pepper.

I baked it at 550 until the potatoes looked done and then I covered it with gruyere and baked for another 3 minutes.

I took it out and drizzled it with white truffle oil.  

My kids FREAKED out.  They whined and complained that I was torturing them and that it was unacceptable to put potatoes on pizza but in the end they ate it and they loved it.

My kids will NEVER admit to liking something they have already said they are going to hate but they ate it up.

I loved it.

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