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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pesach 2011

This year was a particularly special and trying Passover.  Keeping kosher for Passover for the first time ever was quite an experience.  As usual, the seder was a joint effort that came together beautifully.  

This year there was kosher meat at the table - which is really amazing to me and was a gift from my very supportive Mother.
Many years ago I learned how to make Israeli charoset which resembles mortar much more than what I grew up with and I would totally abandon the chopped apples with walnuts and wine if it were not for people who really want to have that at the table.

I am now comfortable enough with how to make the new charoset to not look at a recipe when I am cooking.  I just throw almonds, dates and figs in with an apple and wine into my food processor and hope it doesn't break in the process of making a delicious edible concrete.
This is me making the traditional family recipe - which is also good but doesn't hold together.
So I always thought I kept Passover in the past but I really never did I guess because this year I readily appreciated the fact that in a few days I would be free again to eat what I wanted and the holiday meant a lot more to me.

This is a holiday when we say out loud - next year in Jerusalem and we don't mean next year we hope we are sitting around in Israel - we mean that we want Elijah to come for real (and by the way I forgot to put out his cup during my seder).

Speaking of seders - I loved having my projector display the hagaddah up on the wall and using a cute cartoon video during the seder.  Next year I will be ready with the 10 Commandments movie to play while we eat.  


Back to Elijah.  We say we want Elijah to come but I wonder how many people really, desperately hope for this.  I mean, how many people really pray for this every day with all their heart and think about it happening and visualize it and believe it is possible?  

Just a thought.

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