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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swedish (International) Dinner Party

There is probably nothing more fun for me than to have a dinner party with unusual and international food.  Last night it was Swedish and Russian fare with a little Italian thrown in.
We started with a cold cucumber soup which I highly recommend for summer - it is perfectly delicious and extremely easy to make. 
Take a stick of butter, a chopped onion and four medium peeled and sliced cucumbers.

Sautee the cucumbers and onion in the butter for a while - throw some flour on that and cook for another 10 minutes.  Then pour that into 6 cups of boiling stock - can be chicken - I use vegetarian.

Add pepper.

Then you need a hand mixer.

In another bowl or measuring cup have a cup of cream and add two egg yolks and some dry sherry.  Mix that well.

Then turn the heat off on your soup and when it is cool use the hand mixer until it is smooth, add the cream and mix it again.  Add some fresh or dried parsley to finish it and then chill it.

It's really good with some quality ciabatta bread.

We also made these meat dumplings that were amazing called kropkakker. Then we sampled Russian bread and poppy seed cake and I also made a mozzarella tomato salad with mozzarella I made fresh - which I still haven't told you about.  But this time I got it right....

When you come to my house for a dinner party you are going to be guaranteed a few unusual things.  Live frogs staring at you.  Food you have probably never tried or heard of and if you are really lucky you might even have a visit from the police and a live chipmunk brought in by the cat.

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