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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fresh Mozzarella

A few weeks ago, loyal fans, you will be happy to hear that I not only attempted fresh mozzarella again but I made something soft and delicious.

The secret seems to be not letting the curds get too firm.  See below.  

Then I microwaved the ball of curds, letting the whey run off until the ball of cheese started to stretch and although I did stretch it I didn't stretch it too much.

It tasted perfect and was the perfect texture when I plunged my ball of fresh mozzarella into ice-cold salt water but soon enough it was a bit ruined.

Once I stored it in plastic wrap it became sticky.  So, my question is - how do I develop the proper skin so that I can store it and how do I store it properly?  I realize the proper answer is to make it at a dinner party and eat every bite of it immediately...

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