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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bouchon doughnut holes

Let me start by saying that if I don't end my week with Shabbos, which means I don't start my new week having just had Shabbos, it really doesn't work well for me.   

Having said that, making bouchon doughnuts from a mix last weekend at the lake worked out just fine.
I really have no sweet tooth and I especially don't like doughnuts but these turned out so amazingly delicious.  And it was great to cook up fresh breakfast for 5 little kids.

Warning - not about food ....

Lately I have been thinking about being a monk.  I don't think I want to become a monk but I am really curious to sit and talk to one for a while.  I'm not sure where you meet a monk so maybe if you are one you could let me know your email address and we can just talk that way.

As far as I can tell a monk sits on the floor and meditates most of the day, maybe eats a little bit and sleeps a little bit and probably cleans a little bit and probably goes to the bathroom a little bit.  But I'm guessing that's about it.  

Oh, monks probably teach classes and give lectures sometimes.  I need to get in touch with a monk.

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