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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sea of Galilee

The first night I spent in Israel this summer was in Tiberius.  We ate at Decks, an open-air restaurant on a dock where you can arrive by boat if you'd like.  The food was amazing, typical Israeli fare.  I don't know how many courses they brought us but there was too much of everything and we left stuffed with 5 different kinds of grilled meats after dancing and singing together.

My Israel trip had a soundtrack.  There were songs that played in my head as I traveled there and while I moved across the holy land.  Diddy's, "I'm Coming Home" will always make me think about going to Israel.  As will Wycleaf Jean's,  "Fast Car."

This alone is proof that I don't listen carefully to the lyrics of the songs I like.

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