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Monday, October 3, 2011

Asparagus Quiche

I served my kids the most delicious homemade aspagargus quiche tonight.  It was so good I can't even believe that I made it. 

They are learning because they only protested gently and very quietly got themselves other things to eat, like fruit.

But they could not eat the quiche.  They each tried a little bit.  But when I gave my daughter a small bite with actual asparagus on it she promptly spit it into her plate which made her brother gag and decide he was done with dinner entirely.

After they cleared their places they both assured me that I am a very good cook and they both apologized profusely. 

So this was a happy meal for me actually.  Delight might have come if the kids had eaten and enjoyed the quiche but the fact that they didn't hurl it against the wall or curse me for serving it to them was something to write about.

I see respect and understanding developing in these young people.  And besides, they eat brussel sprouts!

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