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Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Dinner

We have a tradition of cooking in our family that is wonderful.  We make and eat good, healthy food that comes from the old country.

Last night started with three fantastic cheeses.  My favorite was the really stinky one on the upper left.  
We had a wonderful salad.  My Mom made her dressing.  It's my favorite.  I've never tasted a better salad dressing anywhere.  On the other hand, when I make my own salad dressing it consists of gorgonzola cheese and vinegar so I may not be the best judge of salad dressing.

This is our family sauce.  It is the best sauce you will ever have anywhere.  There is no chef that can make a better sauce than this - unless they are using our exact recipe.
For my sister's birthday, my Mom made chicken parmigiana.  It was so amazingly good. 
If the sky dropped 100 million dollars on my head I would buy one of those big mansions on ward parkway and hire a couple of chefs to cook with me every day and my door would be open all the time and we would just cook meals and have people come in and eat as much as they needed.

I'm serious.  No one in KC would miss a good meal if they didn't want to ever again. 

Of course they would have to talk to me.  Not a small price to pay at times.

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got any leftover meatballs ?