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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Evolutionary Enlightenment

Some people believe that their perception of reality is relatively sound.  I find this hilarious.  Every time.

In fact, I was just discussing with one of my friends how limited a human's perception of reality is.  For example, a human could never perceive reality the way a bird does.  He was arguing it is possible but I claim that the physical reality of being a bird, or an elephant for that matter is so different than the physical reality of being a human that we can never achieve that kind of perception.  Although, certainly what else is our imagination for?

But then there is the guy who wrote Evolutionary Enlightenment.  He believes that he can meditate to the point of getting in touch with before the universe existed.

Can anyone do that?

I am frustrated.  Why am I so interested in the concept of enlightenment when I am so rooted in my physical self?  I only like the idea of having the ability to be one with the universe, I don't actually think I could ever, ever do this.

But I will try if someone tells me they have experienced it.  And if they let me watch them do it.

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