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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interview Questions

Here are a list of questions I wish I could ask when I'm being interviewed for a job.

1. How many piercings and tattoos does your office have, collectively?
2. Has anyone ever come to work naked?  Would that be frowned upon?
3. How often does your office do team building?  And by team building I mean karaoke.
4. Have you heard this one?  (Insert filthy joke here)
5. Do you like frogs?
6. How often do people sleep there including naps during the day?
7. When you think about this company 5 years out is it more likely that people will be able to bring dogs to work or bring their kids to work?
8. What would you think of a co-worker who ate pizza for breakfast every day?
9. Do you have a sense of humor?  Prove it.
10. Will I have to work with anyone who has a list of things they don't like to eat?

I'm realizing it might be worth not getting a job just to ask those questions in an interview.

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