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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last night I had one of the best meals I have ever eaten in Kansas City.  The food at Story is so good I actually asked to meet the chef, which I never do because I'm almost never impressed with my meal to that degree.

The chef's name is Carl Thorne-Thomsen.  His wife greeted us when we arrived looking lovely and smiling warmly.  We chatted with her about their history as we left.    You can read about Story here.

We started our meal with delicious fresh bread and ceviche made from yellowtail.  I love ceviche but I almost never order it because it is so completely not kosher.  This was hands down the best ceviche I have ever had and it had no shellfish in it.  I even forced my Mom to try it and she liked it against her will.
yellowtail snapper, cameo apple, tomatillo, jalapeno,
finger lime caviar

In keeping with the kosher theme, we ordered the risotto which, I also found to be the best I have ever tasted. This featured some wonderfully flavorful and before unknown to me mushrooms with extremely fine cheese.

Of course I will argue that the key to over-the-top amazing food is fine ingredients, good combinations and then raw talent on the part of the chef.  I don't know that I very often find myself face to face with all three of these blessings during a meal.
chanterelles, lobster mushrooms,
pecorino romano
We departed from all semblances of kashrut by ordering the smoked duck empanadas.  I don't really like duck and can you guess how much I loved this dish?  Chef Karl likes flavors that pop and fresh ingredients.  By this dish I was realizing that everything coming out of his kitchen would be delicious.
black beans, avocado purée, jicama
The two entrees we tried were the beef braised short-ribs over gnocchi and the chicken with cinnamon spaetzle.  One thing I never order in a restaurant is chicken.  Who makes chicken worth buying in a restaurant?  I didn't even want to try this because I'm not fond of cinnamon and it sounded sweet with the pear and the grapes.  Let me tell you.  Delicious.  I mean, amazing.  My mouth is watering remembering the tastes of these dishes.
potato gnocchi, broccoli,
onion rings
Desert was this lovely German chocolate cake.  It was really amazing as well although we were too stuffed but I had to see if he could keep it up with dessert.  There was a cheese plate offered as a dessert choice so next time I may get that as an appetizer.  I only eat cheese for dessert on cruise ships.

I can't wait to go back to Story and try something new every time.  Next time I go, I'll probably just ask the chef to pick what I'm eating and I highly recommend you do the same.

North has been my favorite restaurant in KC for a long time and although I have tried almost everything on the menu I always order the same thing there.  But I don't ever take my kids to North.

Story is different.  It is so good that I am planning when I'm going to take my kids because I believe this could lead to their discovery of food at another level.  I've made it there with my son and cheese.  And my daughter with meat.  But this could open them up to the wide world of really fine cuisine.

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