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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What would Steve Jobs invent next?

A healthy Steve Jobs would be working on the implantable microchip. 

This chip will hold a microprocessor that will transmit data to and receive data from your brain and your optic nerve. It will run on electricity from your brain and be connected to the Internet via wi-fi which will be as ubiquitous as radio waves are today. 

You will be able to communicate with others as you wish allowing them to see what you see and seeing what they see. You can mind-talk or mind-text to people at will. When we want information we may Google it in our minds. We can use our microprocessors to translate anything we see or hear. 

Imagine the usability implications of the chip which augments our brain power. What will the internet look like when sites are built to be accessed directly in a person's mind instead of a browser? Imagine the security implications. 

We can share experiences with people all over the world. Perhaps we can taste food without ever putting it in our mouths. Write music without knowing any instrument? 

Forget the current debate over cursive versus typing. Will we ever need paper or any kind of handheld device again? No. We will stare into space to read books or watch shows. 

We will finally know how long our brain requires to ingest information and understand it, keep it even when we can dump it in at a frightening rate. 

We will know exactly what the potential of each human really is, physically and intellectually as well as in character because it will all be accessible as data. 

I imagine nothing short of world peace and immortality to come from this invention. 

And if you think it is far-fetched then read this: 
And this: 

Those who are close to me know I have been talking about the implantable chip for years but since Steve Jobs passed away I feel compelled to start writing about it. If only I were a neurosurgeon. Someone else will have to build this chip. Someone else will have to implant it. I'm happy to help predict how it will change us. Hmmm. Maybe the military are already doing this?

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