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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


You know those writers who decide to do something for a year and then publish a book about it?  I figured out that I could probably have a date every night for a year but I would die within the first month so I decided not to do that.

Last night I went to Bluestem, arguably one of the finest dining establishments in K.C.  But last night confirmed for me that it's just not a place I can bear to go.

They have delicious food there but we had the five course meal and I had to stop after course three because I was about to be sick.  That's just wrong.  They said they make the courses smaller the more you order but that was a BIG FAT LIE.

They started with a truly lovely amuse bouche.  It was perch sashimi but they called it some other craziness so that I had to ask, "what is this?"  I don't like that.  But I did love the taste of it.  Delicious.
Next was a fantastic salad.  I don't do salad pictures because salad is not picture-worthy.  This one had some fabulous goat cheese, some kind of sunflower seed "granola" and a really nice vinaigrette.  It was wonderful.  But four sizes too big.

After that I had the chestnut soup.  I do like it when my soup is brought out like this.  Here is the stuff at the bottom of your soup.  And now here is your soup!  But do you see that they gave me a cup of soup?  It should have been a tablespoon of soup.  FIVE COURSES PEOPLE!  

My first main course was the perch.  It was so much better raw.  But it was pretty good.  The black truffle "bread pudding" was yummy but it was also really just toast.  
By the time I finished half of this plate of food which should have been 1/4 in size I could not eat one more bite.  I still had some really good steak coming and a cheese plate.  I took them both to go, hung my head in shame and walked out cursing Bluestem.

Also, our waiter was ridiculous.  He walked up to us and interrupted our conversation ten times during the meal.  We were not having constant conversation.  He was very careless.  And that's fine under normal circumstances but not acceptable at Bluestem.  

In all other regards he was fine.  He cared how we liked our food and that we were enjoying ourselves and he was very pleasant but you don't walk up and interrupt conversations when people are paying that much to sit in your restaurant.  Especially when I was describing the scene in Twilight where Edward rips the baby out of Bella with his teeth.  

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have to decide if I am going to drink tequila until I pass out.  I think so, but maybe not.  I will be making a video with my sister so stay tuned for that!

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