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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are all the reasons I hate Thanksgiving:

1. Turkey.  It's gross.
2. Turkey is really gross.
3. My ex-husband did not let my kids spend any part of Thanksgiving day with their mother, grandparents, aunt, uncle or cousins even though he was invited to join our dinner, had his Thanksgiving dinner at lunchtime and was asked by his children if they could have dinner with the other side of their family.  
4. The fact that I have an ex-husband, which makes me hate most holidays intrinsically.
5. American food.  It's gross.

The most important thing in the picture above is the wine glass, which is full of tequila.  Note the limes.

My eldest nephew said I had too much of it just because I pointed out that some guy on the commercial who was seeing a miniature Santa that no one else could see was tripping on acid.  I just don't watch TV very often.  It seemed like that to me.  Nothing to do with tequila.

The middle nephew asked me what tequila was to which I replied that this was how I knew he wasn't my child.

Don't get me wrong.  I am a very thankful person.  Most of my prayers go like this:  Thank you G-d for my health, Thank you G-d for my parents, Thank you G-d for my children, Thank you G-d for today, Thank you G-d for my friends, Thank you G-d that I can breathe, Thank you G-d that I can walk, Thank you G-d for too many blessings to count....  This is pretty much how I fall asleep every night so a holiday where we eat too much and kill millions of turkeys in honor of being thankful seems kind of superfluous to me.  

For the past couple of years I have spent most of my self-improvement type efforts trying to stop thinking.  It's amazing how much you can change what you think when you make any effort at all.  You can decide to be nice to yourself and only think positive things.  You can decide to only think about things that make you feel good.  You can catch yourself when you are thinking things that make you unhappy and stop it.

I recently learned a great technique for dealing with your thoughts and emotions.  I love it.  It's so simple.  Whenever you think or feel something you just sort of say the word describing it to yourself.  This is actually a meditation technique so if you are sitting quietly and you want to observe your inner landscape you can say to yourself, "sad, sad, sad" or "angry, angry, angry" or whatever is apropos but I don't generally sit still so I find myself using this technique to control my thoughts when I don't want to think anything but I can't stop the inner dialogue.  I just start telling myself, "thinking, thinking, thinking" and suddenly I'm not anymore. 

I'm getting really good at it. 

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