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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Story, Part 3

Recently my children went to New Orleans where they experienced fine-dining, which they really loved.  They asked if we had any restaurants like that in Kansas City.  

These are kids who have been to Skies for dinner.  They have eaten at the Bristol more times than I can count.  Instead of pointing any of that out to them I said that we do have such restaurants in Kansas City and that I would take them to one.

We started with brunch at Story.  We got all dressed up and drove to Prairie Village.  All in all it was a wild success and I have decided to make this a monthly exercise in teaching my children manners and to love food as much as I do. 

Normally I don't push my kids to be quiet and sit still during meals or at any other time.  I like people with loud personalities so I encourage that in my children.  Luckily, they can control themselves for short periods of time.  

It was great to get complimented on how well-behaved my children are in a very fancy restaurant. 

I was hoping for a brunch buffet but it was fine to order from the menu.  My daughter had a decaf latte which I immediately decided must have been caffeinated.

The bread was delicious as usual.  During the first part of the meal I found out that my children don't know what sugar cubes are. 
Noah ordered the carbs with a side of carbs and a glass of protein.  So that his kidneys and pancreas may live as long as the rest of him I am thinking about working on Noah's diet.
My carnivore zeroed in immediately on the steak.  With a backup plan of the cheeseburger hold everything.  Yes, my 7 year-old ordered the flank steak with chanterelles.  And she ate it.
Really just to amuse myself more than anything else I ordered the duck empanadas with poached eggs.  They were so good.
During this meal I discovered that my son can't use a fork and knife to cut up french toast.  We will work on this.  

After brunch we went to the Better Cheddar where I have never been more proud.  Well, that's not true at all but when I had the kids smell the stinkiest cheese in the store, which I bought, they didn't vomit.  And that made me proud.  In fact, when Noah smelled the Tallegio he thought, as I do, that it smelled good.  

I have the most fun children in all of the world.  No, they are not perfect but the one who forgets things a lot, which can be really annoying, is also really funny and routinely cracks me up.  The one who never forgets anything but is too bossy for my liking is also really sweet and adoring.  

When will I get to go back to Story....

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