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Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend I got to go to my favorite restaurant in Kansas City.   The kind of people I love to dine with are those who want to get lots of stuff on the menu - that we share.  But I had the supreme treat of dining with someone who literally told me to order whatever I wanted for both of us.  I asked if there were any restrictions and the answer was no.  Could I have been happier?

I ordered the cheese plate, which is on the dessert menu.  It was good but not spectacular. 
Next was the mushroom ravioli which was sublime.  Even the bread and butter is sublime at Story.

I went out on a limb with the tuna tartare because I don't like caviar but this was amazing of course, as I knew it would be.
Next I went for the smoked duck empanadas. Without question, I'm always going to have to order these and the yellow tail ceviche as long as they are on the menu.

The best part of the night was when they asked if we wanted dessert.  I would have said no thanks but my companion said sure and after I mentioned that the German chocolate cake was good, that's what got ordered without a glance at the dessert menu.  Nice.

I made a reservation for Sunday there so I can take my kids to brunch at my favorite Kansas City restaurant.  I am so excited.  Is it Thanksgiving this week?  Who cares!

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Anonymous said...

Looks incredible and is on my list of places to go ! .. >B.