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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where You Don't Want to Bother Eating in Kansas City

As a rule I don't complain on here about bad meals.  I would blog so much more often and have so many more pictures if I put up all the mediocre meals I have eaten.

You can ask me and I will tell you about the latest place in KC I advise you not to bother trying.  But I won't even put up a picture of the breakfast sandwich I ordered because a.) you might know which place I'm talking about and b.) I'm too ashamed of how completely, six-times-over not kosher it was.

And that's the thing about not kosher food.  If it's going to be that not kosher it should at least be equally that delicious.  Maybe I've been too spoiled lately by eating at wonderful places far away from Kansas City.

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