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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Can you see what is written on this menu?  It says that this restaurant wins Best Burger of Kansas Award!
This is an ok place to eat if you are in Topeka.  But let's talk about Best Burger of Kansas Awards.  Blanc?  BRGR?  Heck, 5 Guys Burger and Fries is in Kansas. 

Truth be told, I make the best burgers in Kansas.  
I want to open a restaurant like Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute in Oklahoma City.  Just one more reason I think Oklahoma is awesome.   Except that it went out of business.  I want a place that is always full of smiling, laughing families where crazy people like to work and where yelling at customers is "part of the ambiance."   The tables/booths were all some kind of theme.  Like a car or Cinderella's carriage.  Every person there was dressed up in some kind of costume and they were constantly yelling at the customers about something.  I only went there once as child but I'll never forget it.  My kind of place.

I'm sorry if you never experienced it.  Ed Debevic's in Chicago is like the more refined, educated distant relative of Molly Murphy's.

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