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Monday, December 12, 2011


I took pictures.  I really did.  But I think I did this with someone else's phone.  So, Mom, could you send me those pictures? 

Where to start?  Let's start with comedy.  Comedy is flying Southwest airlines.  I really love this airline.  Because as I go through life in general I want to hear jokes all the time and most of all I want to hear jokes when I'm traveling with little kids.  Because I can't drink tequila.

Our flight to Orlando was delayed by 3 hours because of a certain "very important person" visiting Kansas and also because the plane broke.

So our head flight person made jokes non-stop from the moment we stepped on the aircraft until the moment we landed.  It was fantastic.  Unless you are really serious about K-State.  Then you might have been offended.  But I liked it.

The way home was not as funny.  But I did like how they said, "if you are traveling with small children today, what were you thinking? " And then they said, "please secure your oxygen mask first and then help your husband."

They also said, "thank you for choosing Southwest today.  We know you have many options available and we are glad you can only afford us." 

I like this.  It's a lot more fun to fly when the person over the intercom is making silly jokes.  And I discovered that most people don't listen or can't hear anyway so it doesn't matter.

On to the painful subject of Disney.  This is a point in time when I would like to be candid.  I would like to tell you what I really think about Disney and my food experiences there but I fear backlash.

So instead I will focus on Todd English's BlueZoo in the Dolphin resort which is one of the hands down best restaurants I have ever dined in.  This was very interesting because there were ten of us which doesn't usually make for a good dining experience.  Additionally, five of us were very small people.  The other five were drinking.  I can't say enough about how good this restaurant is.  If you go to Orlando and don't eat there then you are ridiculous.

I will find pictures and share them.  In the past five years or so there has been a trend in fine dining to use science and it has resulted in a lot of nonsense like flavored air.

But Todd English has this art mastered.  I want to send every chef and wanna be chef I know to this restaurant so they can learn what real gourmet dining is and how you properly use all that science stuff to create unbelievably delicious meals that are like nothing you have ever experienced.

Next time I go to Orlando, if possible I will have no small people with me and I will spend my park time at Universal studios only.  I will also go back to BlueZoo.

I guess since I'm not going to say what I really think about Disney I will just point you to the brilliant film Wall-E.  I now know where they got the idea for this movie and that this is probably one of the most accurate depictions of the future of humans that has ever been created.

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